C10 dash speaker

USA1 has put together an interior kit giving you the option to pick different available product combinations. If your 77 or 78 Squarebody truck interior needs a complete restoration and your looking for that factory Silverado style take a look at USA1's new interior kit.

If your 79 or 80 Squarebody truck interior needs a complete restoration and your looking for that factory Silverado style take a look at USA1's new interior kit. Finally an interior kit for square body trucks! While original materials are very hard to come by, USA1 has sorted through hundreds of vinyls and cloth materials to find the closest match to original GM colors and grain.

c10 dash speaker

Silverado trim level door panels. Restoring a classic pickup truck and your door panels have become brittle and deteriorating because of age. Well refresh you interior with new ones that are made to fit all the Silverado trim to ensure you have that authentic look.

No worries these door panels are a direct fit to your original door shell and come preassembled with all your trim and accessories.

Sold as an assembled pair click to choose options and colors. Sold in Pairs. Printable version. Interior Kits Products. Buy Now. Replace your truck's carpet the right way with a complete kit from USA1 Industries.

With the option of factory style or a performance peel and stick sound deadener you can restore your truck your way. Top that with easy to install factory molded carpet, the Silverado style aluminum door sill plates along with matching floors mats to finish off your interior. Buying a complete kit means you get all of what you need at a discounted price!

Chevy Truck Speakers

Chevy Truck Parts. Search for events Sitemap Products Map On sale.Powered by Miva. Order Today. We are Shipping Orders! Find What Fits: GO. Classic Truck Audio. Classic Truck Dash Speakers. Our classic truck dash speakers allow you to play in steeo from a single dash speaker location. All of our classic truck radios offer modern technology and therefore play in stereo. The original radios in most classic trucks played in mono.


In order to play in stereo from a single speaker we essetnailly make 2-in-1 speakers. There are two different styles, a classic truck dual dash moutn speakers and a dual voice coil speaker. The dual dash mount speakers consists of 2, 3. The classic truck dual voice coil speakers are single, 6x9, 4x10 or 5x7 speakersthat have 2 tweeters on them, 1 for the left channel and one for the right.

You end up connecting all 4 front speakers wires left and right, positive and negative to one speaker in order to get this outcome. We typically recommend our Kicker dual dash mount or Rockford Fosgate dual dash mount speakers when available as we feel that the tweeters sound better than the tweeters in the other available speakers. Please note that it is important to not the ohm rating on your radio.

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If you have an original radio, our speakers MAY work, but you will likely have to wire them in series as these are 4 ohm speakers. If you do not wire them correctly, it can and will burn up your original radio.Connect the speaker as shown below:. Check the chart below to find the proper speaker for your vehicle. This chart is based on physical installations by CAM, and verified with installations in thousands of vehicles.

This is the original dual speaker assembly. Designed to allow stereo operation in vehicles with only a single speaker opening, this allows both channels to be heard from a single location. We recommend the DVC speaker described above for most applications ; however in vehicles where a DVC may not fit properly, or if you're on a budget, this speaker design may be the best solution.

These speakers offer the best possible solution for vehicles with a single dash location. Consisting of a single woofer and two tweeters, they offer much improved bass response over the dual speaker assemblies. Plus, these are available individually, eliminating the need to purchase a pair of speakers when only one is needed of any particular size. Connect the speaker as shown below: Check the chart below to find the proper speaker for your vehicle.

Dual Speakers. KNW Dual Speakers. DVC Speakers. Rear speaker use DVC DVC- M 6x9. Rear use DVC Monte Carlo. DVC- T 6x9. DVC- A 4xRegistration and Posting Agreement. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: Registration and Posting Agreement. GoatBeard Frequent Member Posts: I've read on a couple of threads where people have replaced their 2 factory 3" dash speakers with 4" speakers. I know that a 3. I'm getting ready to take my dash out and was going to replace what's left of the 2 factory speakers while I'm in there.

I just wanted to make sure the 4" speaker would fit before I ordered one.

c10 dash speaker

Can anyone confirm this? Also, is there any height restriction? The ones I'm looking at are 3-way speakers that have a little extra height of the added plastic 3-way thing on top of the woofer. Thanks in advance, GoatBeard. I haven't heard of using 4" but I am sure if you use a custom bracket you can fit something in there, but the hole size would have to be modified. As for height, if it is any taller it will prevent the dash cover from sitting down properly.

Chris Lucas chevytrucks captkaoscustoms squarebody. Here's the 3. No matter which size I use, I'm now kinda concerned about that "chrome" plastic piece on top of the woofer. BTW, as far as electronics go -- millionbuy. That does look fairly tall, you may can recess mount it I had some little kicker 3.

Cool, thanks for the replies fellers. I'm gonna pick up a set of bass blockers and try that Boss speaker out. Like you suggest, I can always make a bracket. I guess I'll just have to mount in it the rear panel or console if it won't fit anywhere else. If it doesnt work out you could mount them in the center hole. If you don't like the center mount, maybe you could do something similar to the outer speaker holes I think the center mount gives a bit better staging because when I had mine in my '87 mounted in the corners, one speaker was right in your face and you couldn't hear the other one.

I like the center mount a lot better IMO. I've run 3. You would see a slight improvement with a 4x6, but drivers that aren't round don't sound quite right to me. Ideally, a 6. Aim your tweets toward the opposite side head, IE, aim the passenger tweet at the drivers head, drivers tweet at the passengers head.A client from Tamaqua recently contacted the team at Mobile Edge to inquire about a door panel speaker solution for his Chevrolet C10 pickup truck.

After inspecting the vehicle and talking to the client about options for speakers and how we could install them, we came up with a plan to create a custom installation that would not only sound great but also look really cool.

The client loved the plan and was thoroughly impressed by our creativity. He gave us the go-ahead to schedule the installation. The project started by creating a set of templates that would serve as the foundation for the new door panels for this Chevrolet C After transferring the location of the window crank and door release handles, the armrest and all the mounting holes, our fabrication team set to work laying out a location for the speakers and the accent pieces that we planned on adding.

We cut a set of mounting rings for a pair of Audison APX6. While most of the energy from a speaker radiates in a spherical pattern, high-frequency energy from the tweeter and upper midrange energy from the woofer can be somewhat directional.

As such, the angled mounts help improve the sound of the speakers, making sure they deliver great sound for the driver and passenger.

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With the angles of each speaker matched perfectly, our team cut mounting plates for accent panels that would be added to the rear portion of the door speaker pod. We located the panels behind the speaker pod then wrapped each assembly with pieces of thick fleece.

With the fleece pulled tight and wrapped around the back of the main template, our team started applying the first of several layers of fiberglass resin to transform the soft fleece into a strong speaker enclosure. After the resin had cured, we started the process of sanding the panel and adding body filler to smooth the transition into the main mounting panels. We cut extra trim rings to fit around the speakers and attached them to the mounting baffle.

The guys also added horizontal foam accents to the upper portion of the custom door panels to add some depth and break up the large, flat area. Once wrapped, we created accent rings that fit around the speakers and the aforementioned accent piece of the rear of the panel. The stretched bullet-like shape of the accent piece works well with the long lines of the truck.

The new panels are secured to the door with eight screws. Each screw has a black cap that conceals the hardware for a cleaner, tidier look. The client asked us to create an insert that would cover the original twin-shaft radio location in the dash. Using some of our custom templates and an insert for the dash, our guys created a vinyl-wrapped panel with a black Lexan insert at the top.

(1973-87) Speaker Assembly-Stereo

When turned on, a red Chevrolet logo shines through the plastic. This accent panel mounts from the rear so that there are no visible fasteners. With the door panels installed and the speakers wired up, the client returned to Mobile Edge to pick up his Chevrolet CPowered by Miva. Order Today. We are Shipping Orders! Find What Fits: GO. Dash Speakers.

Chevy Dash Speakers. Chevy Truck Speakers.

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Our Chevy truck speakers provide stereo sound from your original mono location. These Chevy truck dash speakers feature a bracket so that they can mount behind your original dash speaker grille. We offer a dual dash mount speaker with the option of either Custom Autosound or Kenwood speakers. These Chevy pickup speakers feature two speakers mounted to a plate with a bracket in order to provide stereo sound.

The other option is a dual voice coil speaker. These bracketed speakers feature two tweeters, one for the left and one for the right on a 4"x10", 6"x9" or 5"x7" speaker. These speakers have a 70 watt peak rating per channel and these are the ones that we recommend. We recommend these Chevy truck dash speakers because the center area of the speaker is mid-range woofer, not a plastic plate like the dual dash mount so it provides better sound than even the Kenwood dual dash mount speakers.Attention: Classic Industries is open and shipping orders daily!

Most orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours of receipt. Although our local Showroom is currently closed, take advantage of our curbside pickup service.

c10 dash speaker

Get the best quality sound possible from your original dash speaker location with this watt dual voice coil speaker. Both stereo channels hook directly to one speaker. Note: Speakers have a 4 OHM rating, check for compatibility with your audio system. Toll Free 1. Select Year All Years Select Make All Makes. Select Model All Models. Product : S In Stock Now! Add to Wishlist. Freight Type: Standard. This part will fit the following vehicles: Chevrolet Truck Rated 3 out of 5 by CanadaTim from What you need.

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But modification necessary. Removing the mounting bracket and shortening up was required. The speaker was nowhere near the top of dash and completely in the way of the stereo right out of the box. Cut and bend supplied bracket to get speaker up into position.

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